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  • Always kind and good!

  • Sprawnie, szybko i pysznie!

  • Do jedzenia i restauracji nie można mieć zastrzeżeń - nie może być lepiej :) Natomiast sam system zamówień online mocno kulawy - niepierwszy raz płatność przechodzi dopiero za drugim razem, czas oczekiwania na potwierdzenie przelania środków bardzo długi, maile z potwierdzeniem zduplikowane...

  • My pizza (Diavola) was tasty but a bit dry (not as much sauce as usual) and looked like there was less mozzarella than usual. Every time I eat the restaurant, my diavola pizza comes out PERFECT!! It's saucy, cheesy, and the dough is soft and fluffy, yum!! I don't know why it wasn't as good when I had it delivered. What was really disappointing though was the pasta (carbonara). First of all, the chef forgot to put the parsley in it, and that would have made it much better. I also didn't see any egg... Second, it was also a bit dry and in general it was not a 26 zl pasta, more like a 12 zl pasta. I only ordered it to meet the 50zl minimum requirement, but I regretted it and wish I had ordered a second pizza or a different pasta =/ It just tasted like dry butter noodles with black pepper and bacon. At least the bacon was good. I will of course continue to dine at Ti Amo Ti, because you have the best pizza in Krakow and great service :-) but I'm not sure if I'll order delivery again...

    Dear Mr. Iverson, thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you were not satisfied with your order, however our Pizzeria is always following the same recipes and quantity of ingredients. Unfortunately, if you choose to order home instead of eating on the place you risk that the freshness and the taste of pizza might be different to the one you get at TAT straight out the oven. Obviously, every kind of quality food cannot keep the same taste after delivery no matter how you package it. When it comes to carbonara, we dont cook it with parsley following the original recipe but we had a mistake on our webpage considering this ingredient which was already fixed. The egg is mixed with pecorino romano cheese making it one smooth souse. We appreciate your loyalty and would be glad to offer you with a free dessert next time you will come to visit us.
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  • Nie otrzymaliśmy sałatki do polędwiczki, reszta super.

    Dear Miss Kinga
    i apologize about salatka, we have got many many delivery to execute in the weekend and probably the kitchen forgotten to add in your package.Next time please say it to miss Paulina or Justyna they will pay more attention and we will make the delivery service for free.Best regards Marco
    Zespół Ti Amo Ti